Looking sideways, the shooting fairy was dancing in white, dancing like a fairy. I have been in the water for such a long time without touching a drop of water. Tuo Ba fluttered in his ambition and withdrew his palm from her vest. “” Thank you very much, sir, “said the shooting fairy with a smiling face. That smile is like a lotus flower on a moonlit night, beautiful and dazzling. Tuo Ba’s ambition dazzled and his blood surged. He only felt that if he could see her smile every day, he would be happy even if it was a mountain of knives and a sea of fire. He said in a low voice, “It is Tuoba’s good fortune to be able to serve the fairies.” The shooting fairy smiled and gazed at the opposite stone wall. “That’s the weakest place,” she said. “Let’s go out from there.” Tuo Ba Ye suddenly thought: “Once I leave here, the fairy sister must leave me!” ” There was a great pain in my heart, and I almost lost my breath. When the shooting fairy saw him staring at her in a daze, her expression was confused, and her jade dimple turned slightly red. “Childe?” She whispered. Tuo Ba Ye suddenly came to his senses and gave a random response. He blushed and finally couldn’t help saying, “Out of here, I don’t know where the fairy will go.” The shooting fairy hesitated and said nothing. “I don’t know,” she said with a low sigh. In a trance for a moment, he added, “The young man said that I was a saint of the wooden clan, and that I had many strange experiences..” Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of it. I want I want to go to Xihuang Fangshan, looking for Sansheng Stone, maybe I can remember the past. Tuo Ba Ye Yi Zhen: “Fang Shan?”? Is it the Sun and Moon Mountain? It is said that to the west of Kunlun, in the desolate land of the West,collapsible pallet box, there are towering mountains, square, so it is named Fangshan. The mountain is the place where the sun and the moon fall, so it is also called the Sun and Moon Mountain. It is also called Giant Mountain and Changyang Mountain. The mountain has two dangerous peaks, Yumen and Tianmen, which are said to be the gateway to heaven. The gully between Yumen Peak and Tianmen Peak is Yugu, also known as Yuyuan. It is said that it was in this valley that Yu Zhuocheng, the Qing Emperor of the Mu Clan, subdued the ten-day bird and sealed it into the Miao Dao. “Exactly,stackable plastic pallets,” said the shooting fairy, nodding. On the top of Yumen Peak of Fangshan Mountain, there are Wuyou Spring and Sansheng Stone. It is said that if you drink Wuyou Spring, you can forget all the sad things in your life. If you sleep on the Sansheng Stone, you can remember all the things in your life. Tuo Ba Ye suddenly remembered that when he was watching the sunset on the beach of Gulangyu Island in the East China Sea, the Yuqing Emperor yuan Shen in Chi You’s body once sighed with a sigh: “Rotten wood, Lao Tzu gargles spring pillow stone, but can’t forget joy and sorrow, detached from things..” Come to think of it, the so-called “Shuquan Pillow Stone” refers to this worry-free spring and Sansheng Stone. When Yu Qing Emperor was lying on the Sansheng Stone, he realized the past life and the afterlife, gargled and drank the worry-free spring water, and forgot his love and enmity. He could not help but be fascinated and happy. Suddenly he had a brainwave and blurted out, “Fairy, I’m going to the Kunlun Mountains. Kunlun and Fangshan are both in the Western Wilderness. Why don’t you go with me?” The shooting fairy gazed at him and said lightly, “You don’t have to worry about anything.” “It’s a long way to Fangshan, euro plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet,” said Tuo Ba Ye hurriedly. “There are many risks. The fairy went alone and lost her memory. Wouldn’t it be dangerous if she met an old enemy with evil intentions? What’s the harm in giving the fairy a ride? The shooting fairy hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, “In that case, I’ll thank you first.” Tuo Ba Ye was so overjoyed that he couldn’t help giving a long shout; when he ascended the mountainside, it was like Jiao Lei playing a legato, buzzing and shaking. Seeing the shooting fairy gazing at her in surprise, she felt a little embarrassed. “Fairy,” she said with a laugh, “let’s go out here first.” At this time, full of joy, the spirit of great, a little tiptoe, flying also like to step on the slippery mountain wall rushed to the opposite side. The backhand pulls out the sword without a blade, lightly stabs, and immediately sinks into the mountain wall. True Qi poured in, his wrist trembled slightly, and in an instant he cut off a big piece. After a moment, the broken sword was empty, and a ray of light suddenly came in. Tuo Ba Ye was overjoyed and said with a smile, “It’s done.” The sword splits, chisels the big hole, rubs the body to jump out. ※※※ “Instigate!” Suddenly the neck is cool, a sharp knife light split and come! Tuo Ba was startled, and his body was dancing with lightning. He passed by the light of the knife in an instant. He clasped his fingertips on the wrist pulse of the hand, and easily turned his arm upside down. The man snorted and immediately fainted. Suddenly I heard a tender voice behind me: “Prince Tuoba, it’s you!” Surprise and joy.
Tuo Ba Ye immediately recognized the voice. He was also surprised. “So it’s Princess Fuliye!” He said with a smile. Turning to look, a beautiful girl in beautiful clothes and jade crown stood gracefully, her big pale blue eyes were full of joy, and she was the princess of the cold and desolate country. There were brilliant lights, magnificent halls, thick carpets on the floor, and a roaring fire in the corner, which was so warm that it seemed to be the fragrance of Princess Frieda. But I don’t know why I came here along the whirlpool? Under Tuo Ba’s ambition, he was greatly surprised and puzzled. Princess Fuliye’s surprise passed away, and she regained her reserve. She was about to ask when she saw a beautiful woman in white flying into the cave. She was startled and lost her voice in a low voice. “Princess,” said Tuo Ba Ye with a smile, “this is the Holy Maiden of the Wood Clan, who shoots fairies.” The shooting fairy stood still and smiled faintly. When Princess Fuliye saw that she was beautiful and free from vulgarity, as expected, she was like a fairy who did not eat human fireworks. In her heart, she immediately admired and admired her and saluted. The heart is more curious, I don’t know why Tuo Ba Ye brought such a fairy, break the wall and enter. Suddenly he gave a cry of “Ah” and said, “Could it be that the prince already knows the situation in the city of Cold Wilderness? That’s why.. Did you find another way to sneak in from here? “What is the situation in the city of Cold Wilderness?” Asked Tuo Ba Ye Qi. “I’m not trying to find a new way,” he said with a smile. “It’s really a mistake. It’s an abrupt beauty. Please don’t take it amiss.” “So the prince doesn’t know yet?” Asked Princess Fuliye disappointedly. When Tuo Ba Ye saw that she looked and spoke differently, he felt a tremor in his heart and said, “Could it be that after I left, something big happened in the city of Cold Wilderness?” Princess Fuliye’s face was white and her blue eyes were full of tears. Suddenly Yingying bowed down, sobbing and saying in a trembling voice, “There will be a great disaster in the cold and famine country. I implore Prince Tuoba to help me.” Tuo Ba Ye was shocked. She was reserved and noble. Suddenly, she made this big gift with tears in her eyes. There must be something hidden. Quickly lifted her up, Wen Yan said,plastic bulk containers, “Don’t worry, Princess. Whatever Tuoba can do, she will do her best to help.” 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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