As soon as the red shadow at the mouth of the cave flashed, a graceful figure appeared. Zhen Xiaoping, who was slightly surprised and suspicious, timidly walked out of the cave and said, “Where are they?” Zhu Yitao said, “I haven’t sent the people of Wisdom Gate yet, but it’s all right.” Zhen Xiaoping was suddenly so delicate that she leaned against the stone wall and stroked her chest with both hands. She breathed a sigh of relief. That kind of moving mood made Zhu Yitao, who had a heart of stone, walk alone. He was also slightly stunned. So he asked softly, “Don’t worry. Chen Yangbai has his brother present. Xu Shiyuan and others can’t bully him.” After a pause, he added, “I have something important to do, but I have to go first.” “What’s the matter with you?” Zhen asked in a hurry. Zhu Yitao asked in reply, “You don’t blame me for ignoring Chen Yangbai, do you?” Zhen Xiaoping blushed when he said this. Zhu Yitao looked at her and immediately softened his face. “Well, let me tell you,” he said. “Your tender expression and true feelings make people very soft-hearted. So I’m going to see someone.” Zhen Xiaoping did not expect that Zhu Yitao, who was famous for his solitude in Jianghu, would also say such heart-wrenching words. She was so infatuated that she heard him go on: “I always think that if a person has a tie in his heart, he will have the scruples of getting in the way or worrying about gains and losses. Under such circumstances, it is not easy for this person to see everything through.”? Alas! Zhen Xiaoping understood and said softly, “So the person you decided to see must be the one who often worries you and will always be in your heart?” Zhu Yitao looked slightly embarrassed and said, “It’s not that serious yet, but frankly speaking.”. A woman who can be thought of by Zhu Yitao from time to time is not an ordinary woman. Zhen Xiaoping smiled and said,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, “Let me guess. You won’t be angry, will you?” Zhu Yitao did not say anything, but Zhen Xiaoping added, “Sister Ruan, isn’t that right?”? She is indeed a fairy on earth. I have served her for five years, and she has never treated me as a servant. Zhu Yitao gave a cry and was obviously interested, so Zhen Xiaoping added, “Take my martial arts for example. If Sister Ruan hadn’t tried her best to give me advice,small geared motors, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve today’s success and squeeze into the forest of Huan Fu masters.” Zhen Xiaoping added mysteriously, “Sister Ruan is naturally beautiful. If only I could be half as beautiful as her.” Zhu Yitao smiled and said nothing. Zhen Xiaoping added, “It’s just that I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to reunite with Sister Ruan in my life.” When Zhu Yitao heard her words, Ruan Yujiao’s beautiful face immediately appeared in his mind. At that moment, there was a sudden impulse in his heart, as well as a feeling of impatience, urging him to hurry to the south of the Yangtze River to look for Ruan Yujiao. He thought, “In the past, I only had the idea of hunting down Qiao Shuangyu in Huan Fu, but I didn’t expect that Ruan Yujiao now has a place in my heart.” Zhen Xiaoping said, “I know Master Zhu is missing Sister Ruan in his heart, right?” Zhu Yitao smiled and said, “Exactly. Not only do I miss her, but I’ve decided to go and find her now. I’ll go first.” Zhen Xiaoping nodded and said, “I hope you can find Sister Ruan to get together as soon as possible. Oh, I really envy her.” She watched Zhu Yitao’s handsome figure, walked out of the yard, Small Dc Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, then sighed slightly, walked out of the cave where she was hiding, and walked quickly to the front of the village. When Zhen Xiaoping arrived in front of the village, Zixuzi Feng yuanshan had fought fiercely with the three masters of Wisdom Gate for more than one hundred rounds. He saw Feng yuanshan with a long knife, dancing all over the sky with light and shadow, which was very beautiful. But the wisdom door Ding Tianhou, Deng Hui and Shen Tai three people, under Feng yuanshan’s knife light, the rabbit rises and falls, is overwhelmed, unexpectedly is all defensive. Zhen Xiaoping looked a little and understood why Zhu Yitao was relieved to leave. With Zixuzi Feng yuanshan and her strength, it was really enough to deal with Xu Shiyuan and others. Xu Shiyuan did not take part in the war, has been in the side to observe Feng yuanshan’s peerless knife, see Ding Tianhou and other three people really can not solve one of the three immortals Feng yuanshan, the moment to consider whether to launch a four-person joint array, to deal with Feng yuanshan.
As his eyes rolled slightly, Chen Yangbai saw him in the distance and said, “Brother Xu, are you planning to join the battle group to solve today’s problems?” Hsu Shih-yuan thought in horror, “I didn’t expect that as soon as I thought about it, Chen Yang-pai immediately saw it. His words revealed what I was thinking.” He looked coldly at Chen Yangbai and Zhen Xiaoping, who stood side by side. “In this case, you must have the same intention, so your guess is not surprising at all,” he answered, thinking quickly. Chen Yangbai said, “But if Brother Xu knew that I had come up with a plan to defeat the enemy, I believe you would be greatly shocked.” He paused for a moment and immediately went on to say, “If I’m not wrong, Brother Xu and the three men in the fierce fight must have practiced a kind of joint offensive and defensive formation. Therefore, as long as I can manage to make you unable to get off the stage today, then you will surely have the whole army to fight, right?” Hsu Shih-yuan smiled sullenly and said, “Although Brother Chen knows how terrible it is, it’s a pity that you can’t stop me from doing it. You can see that the victory is still in my hands.” Chen Yangbai looked at Zhen Xiaoping and said, “Xiaoping, aren’t you too confident about what Brother Xu said?” Zhen Xiaoping nodded and said, “Yes, he doesn’t believe we can stop him.” www/xiaoshuotxt/c o m The 27th chapter chooses the road barren hill to rob Pingnu. Txt little Xiao Shuo says heaven Xu Shiyuan said, “Although Miss Zhen has the true biography of Huan Fu, she is still not a problem in my eyes.” “Then why don’t you have a try?” Asked Chen Yangbai. When he said this, there was a firm and confident look in his eyes. Xu Shiyuan laughed twice and said, “I have this intention.” At this time Zhen Xiaoping took a look at Chen Yangbai, Chen Yangbai immediately filled with confidence to win, the corners of his mouth moved, Xu Dayuan has shouted, attacked Zhen, Chen two people. Zhen Xiaoping step forward, block in front of Chen Yangbai, Xu Shiyuan in midair, suddenly out of three Zhangs of inexplicable fire, the bottom of the palm and capacity to hit. Chen Yangbai shouted in a deep voice,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, “Xiao Ping, a man can see the moon through the clouds.” Xu Shiyuan snorted, “What a way to see the moon through the clouds!” 。

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