The four supreme naturally shocked, it is impossible to let him succeed, otherwise the situation will be very critical, while fighting to urge the array to obstruct. The divine light shines in the sky, the sword is fierce in ancient and modern times, and the war is white-hot. Another war that will be recorded in the history of the divine war broke out and became white-hot. In addition to them, there were other people in the distant sky, and Dao Yi blocked Huang Xu Dao, but both of them were indifferent to each other and did not start. I don’t care about anything else, but as long as there is dark turmoil, I can only do it. Zhang Bairen said calmly that although he looked very ordinary, these words were very powerful. This makes the four supreme frown, such a “neutral” has actually made a stand, such a decision if opposed to them. Ah Ye Fan killed to crazy, all bathed in golden rays, like a golden God of war, he shook the ROC emperor, the shock of the big mouth vomiting blood, flying up. After that, he hit the corpse emperor, and this so-called immortal body, the body will become immortal in the future of the ancient Zun one after another, fists see blood, palm into the flesh. All the marks were worn out, and Ye Fan cracked the corpse emperor’s proud body with the fist of the Emperor of Heaven, especially when his hands had already broken six fingers, blood spattered, and the broken fingers flew up. In this place, the emperor’s blood was spattered everywhere, the world was misty and scarlet,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and it was extremely tragic. Ye Fan’s hair was dishevelled, and his own blood was splashed, but he seemed to be possessed by the devil, and he had no feeling, but only indifference, killing all sides! At this moment, Ye Fan is invincible, possessed and crazy, killing until the blood boils, everything is left behind, there is only boundless war. He’s invincible! If he rushed to the front with an arrow,wire nail machine manufacturers, several other people followed him side by side and fought against the Supreme. Fairy grandmother, spirit emperor and so on all shed blood, suffered different wounds, they unexpectedly difficult to beat the edge of a few people, in the momentum of a little weaker. For them, this is simply a shame, the ancient emperor has ever encountered such a battle? However, the holy body with dishevelled hair was so horrible that it was so full of blood that it would burst the world and make them jealous and helpless. Ha ha ha Master Tongtian is finally going to kill the immortals. The leaves look good! Laughter came from the far sky, and Pombo came, his eyes shining, staring at the sword array. The Black Emperor also came, right next to him, drooling, almost drowning Pombo’s feet. “Wuliang Tianzun, I know at a glance that this array is predestined with me.” A fat Taoist priest appeared with a red face. Duan De, an immoral Taoist priest, also arrived, which made people dare not despise him, because above his head, there was a magic pot that swallowed the sky, releasing the breath of terror. If you look closely, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, he is somewhat different, there is a mark between the eyebrows, mysterious and incomparable, just like the emergence of immortal plunder, and like a world in reincarnation. No one thought that his arrival suddenly affected the war situation, did not make a move, but let a person in the battlefield turn pale with fright, body shock. It’s you, it’s you! The corpse emperor shouted, there was a kind of fear in his eyes, and he went straight up to the sky and left the battlefield. Once there was a man who had never seen the true face before, but the mark made him unforgettable forever! Chapter 1780 the fall of the four. Correction, the old madman’s line of words is wrong in the first chapter, which has been corrected. That person’s research on reincarnation is unprecedented and unprecedented. He can be called the originator on this road, and he can completely control the people in the corpse path. As long as you set foot on the corpse road, even if it is a reincarnation, farewell to the past, it is certainly not its opponent, doomed to be suppressed. It is even said that this man can control the reincarnation seal, which is the biggest secret he has studied in his life! The corpse emperor rose to the sky, not to attack and kill Duan De, but to escape from here, desperate to stay away from this vast battlefield. As a strong man, he didn’t want to be manipulated. He was afraid that the man would advocate reincarnation and take him as a war slave! But how could it be so easy in the middle of a war? Especially under the attack of Ye Fan, such fear and escape, naturally accompanied by a great crisis. But he was so shocked that he shouted in a low voice: “Ming Zun … …” He’s back! Everyone is in a daze. Isn’t that the Emperor of the Underworld? The name is too old. The origin is amazing. It is the originator of the underworld. It is the real pioneer of Taoism.
According to legend, he and Emperor Zun were both teachers and friends, and he was one of the most mysterious people in ancient times. Boom! Ye Fan is like a killing God, his eyes open and close, cold electricity flies, he is not in a daze, cold and heartless, soaring into the air, the line formula runs to the extreme, the long river of time stops for him. Kill in an instant, one punch to kill forward, the power of the fist is unparalleled, breaking through the mythological battlefield. “Poof”, the back of the corpse emperor was broken through, before and after bright, bloody, very terrible. He lost his sense of propriety and just wanted to leave in fear, but he was hit by a sharp blow. At this moment, his eyes blazed up, as if suddenly calm down, a loud roar, said: “Big deal.”. I’ll cut myself again! “Ah..” He looked up to the sky and roared, and a white circle of light flew out of his body. It was the famous reincarnation seal, so holy that it was abandoned by him. He is not afraid of Ye Fan, but afraid of the emperor of the underworld. Afraid he’s in charge of his life and death. Now it has suffered a heavy blow, and it seems to throw caution to the wind all of a sudden and want to break the net. Everyone was taken aback. The reincarnation seal was so horrible that it was even more amazing than the emperor’s weapon. It whined and roared, and fell to Ye Fan to hold him. It shows that it looks very holy, but it makes people shudder. Like in the face of the whole underworld, there is a cold in the bones. And the most terrible thing is that its power is unparalleled. At this time, God can break into Ye Fan’s body, imprison his body, and then let it be destroyed. Ye Fan is fearless. The vision opens, imprisons this piece of heaven and earth, then the left hand pinches the Zeus seal, controls the time, the right hand is the Heaven Emperor Fist, bombards all blocks. Suddenly, Komatsu whispered, “Master, take the sword!” Have to say. Komatsu means,Iron Nail Making Machine, he picked a fairy sword from the incomplete first kill array, passed to Ye Fan, flowing misty blood. With a murderous look.

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