A few feet away from the feet, the choppy water rolled, and from time to time pumpkins drifted down and flowed eastward with the river. Looking for several places did not find the figure of the fool, he will not really go with the flood, right? Xiao Yuzhu held the branches of the jujube tree, looked at the flood, unconsciously shed tears in the corner of her eyes, picked up stones and threw them at the pumpkins floating in the river, “These damn pumpkins are all harmful spirits..” Throwing, she was powerless, unable to throw, leaning against the trunk, thinking that if the fool really fell into the river, such a ferocious river, had to rush out a few miles away, afraid that even the corpse could not be fished up, her mind was full of the grief of the fool’s mother. Think of the fool sent her windmill, azaleas, tears in the eye socket can not help but gush out, now think of, fool silly appearance, a pair of slugs, not so annoying. Although he was not related to her, in Xiao Yuzhu’s heart, he was her own brother. Xiao Yuzhu hugged the trunk and cried, her tears almost dried up. Jade. Jade beads.. The voice is the voice of an idiot, yes! Xiao Yuzhu looked back and saw the fool standing a few meters away,Self-closing Faucet, his face covered with mud, and damn it, he was really holding a big pumpkin in his hand. Xiao Yuzhu grabbed the pumpkin from his hand and threw it on the ground. “Tell you to pick it up!”! Tell you to pick it up. The fool looked puzzled and confused. He had just fished a pumpkin from a shallow place in the river. He also fished a few eggplants. The eggplants fell off on the way. He liked the pumpkin! Seeing that Xiao Yuzhu’s eyes were swollen with tears, she could not figure out what had happened and stammered, “You.” What’s the matter? Finish saying, see Xiao Yuzhu broke the pumpkin that he likes to eat, all over the face is not happy, rub nose, bend down to pick up the pumpkin that falls into two halves on the ground. Xiao Yuzhu pulled a branch from under the tree and hit the fool hard. “Pick it up. Your parents are going crazy!” The fool grinned and dared not pick up the pumpkin on the ground again. He touched the back of his head and nodded, “Crazy..” Did you? This branch hit the fool,Manual Flush Valve, he did not feel pain, Xiao Yuzhu hand burning pain, and a fool angry, will only make you angry first. Xiao Yuzhu threw away the branch, patted the fool’s hand clean, and led him home. It was too late to go back, and his parents were anxious to get sick. Silly egg Niang sits in the hall, already sobbing, pointing at silly egg father to scold, “tell you to look at the child well, you do not look at, this is good, a child drifted, let me how to live ah!” “Auntie, uncle, the fool has found it.” Before entering the room, Xiao Yuzhu shouted loudly. Silly egg Niang rushes out from the house, see really is silly egg to come back, rush over to embrace silly egg to cry bitterly, Time Delay Tap ,Flush valve price, “you this little bastard, where did you go?” Say that finish, push him away, look, see he is all right, but also tears of joy, holding a fool to wipe tears. Xiao Yuzhu told the fool Niang what had happened. When the fool Niang heard this, the boy really went to fish for pumpkins. He was so angry that he drew a bamboo stick from the foot of the wall and came over to draw people. Silly father hurriedly stopped her, said to watch him point, don’t let him go to the river again, he is a fool, how to understand ah. Silly parents usually the most taboo others call Dan son fool, today is also angry but. It’s a cow. Even if you teach it four or five times, you have to learn to play the left plow. Even if you teach it a thousand times, you can’t teach it. As soon as the word “fool” came out of his mouth, his nose turned sour and he knocked over the sauce and vinegar bottle in his heart, which was even more unpleasant. Chapter 79 help to silt the land. The rice fields on the river beach were flooded, and half of the seedlings were buried by sand. The family has two mu of farmland on the river beach, and now it is the time for the seedlings to head, and if they are flooded, they will reduce a lot of production. Xiao Jingtu tidied up the hoes, shovels, and dustpans at home, and wanted to clear the silt from the fields on the river beach as soon as possible, so as to recover some losses. A large family wants to eat, and then stand on a big meal, the family’s food is not enough, plus the reduction of income, when the time comes to pick up the autumn grain, then there will be a temporary shortage. The dustpan at home is not enough, let Xiao Yuzhu go to the old house to borrow. Xiao Yuzhu borrowed a few dustpans, tied them with bamboo strips, and carried them on her shoulders. Jade beads. Someone is calling someone from behind.
Xiao Yuzhu looked back and saw that it was Duan Guangqi, coming from the bluestone road at the other end. Duan Guangqi rushed over and took the dustpan on Xiao Yuzhu’s shoulder. “In this flood, the rice fields in your village were flooded a lot. My mother said, let me come and have a look. Come and give me a hand. If the land is silted up, more people will work faster.” He lowered his head very low, and his voice became lower and lower as he spoke. I’m afraid it wasn’t his mother who asked him to come, but he wanted to come himself. Seeing his uncomfortable expression, Xiao Yuzhu said with a smile, “Brother Qi, my family has two acres of farmland on the river beach, and I’m worried about the shortage of manpower.” “My mother said that if the land was silted up, she would let me stay and get more grain when it was silted up.” Duan Guangqi spoke with his head down, not looking up at people, but looking at the road under his feet. As soon as they reached the gate of the fence, Xiao Yuzhu saw Xiao Yucui feeding the chickens under the big locust tree and shouted, “Sister, brother Qi is coming.” As soon as Xiao Yucui heard that Duan Guangqi was coming, the chicken bowl in her hand stopped, and a blush flew over her face. She wanted to look back but did not dare to look back. She twisted and her face turned red. Half a ring saw no movement behind him. Stealthily looked at the door, no one shadow, thinking that the little girl deceived her to make fun of people, dropped the basin in her hand to come over to shoot people. Just as the hand was about to be clapped from midair, a man rushed out of the fence door. Xiao Yucui almost clapped him with one hand. As soon as she saw that it was really Duan Guangqi, she turned around. He was too surprised to know what to do. Brother Kai. Let’s go inside. Xiao Yuzhu smiled and led the man in. Duan Guangqi’s footsteps were heavier than stones, staring at Xiao Yucui so hard that he could not move his eyes. This pair of eyes, as clear as the lake, had always appeared in his mind recently,Flushometer valve, lingering. He lowered his head and said softly, “My mother asked me to come and help silt the land.” Finish. He hurried to the wall and put down the dustpan hanging on his shoulder. This Guangqi said “my mother said” and used it as a shield. It was true that he wanted to come, Xiao Yuzhu snickered. Prepare tea in the hall and prepare to carry it to the field to drink. cnkexin.com

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